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​Flatlanders Bicycle Club Membership​

The Club's primary purpose is to promote cycling and bicycle safety for all levels and at all abilities of riders.  It is a non-profit group which supports local rails to trails projects and other community activities. Monthly and weekly ride schedules are posted in the "CLUB RIDE" section of this site and are active from April until November. Riders can choose from a variety of riding and performance levels.
Come ride with us & experience some of the best roads in Northwest Ohio.  You'll be glad you did!

In an effort to help make it easier to be a FBC member, the Club recently created a PayPal account and established a yearly subscription plan for membership. You can use the link to sign up through your own personal PayPal account. 


Here is the link if you want to subscribe to a yearly single rider membership:


1-Year Single Membership in Flatlanders Bike Club


Here is the link if you want to subscribe to a yearly family membership: 


1-Year Family Membership in Flatlanders Bike Club


By using either of these links to sign up for the Club membership, you are agreeing to the Club's liability waiver (via Membership Application Download). Membership can be cancelled by the user at any time. 


You can also print out the Membership Application and mail it with your membership fee to the Club's PO Box in Lindsey, OH or drop off at Spoke Life Fremont or Elmore. 

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